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J's Auto Spa

J's Auto Spa is an eco-friendly, green auto spa. At its inception, J's Auto Spa was focused on a broad range of detailing services including commercial, luxury and economy vehicles. As their business evolved, they wanted to rebrand themselves as an all-inclusive, green brand but still stay true to their roots. Their original logo included the universal recycle symbol in place of the "A" in their company name.

Their new logo communicates a number of things about their brand. Firstly, the green color denotes their commitment to using environmentally-friendly products and techniques exclusively. Secondly, we preserved their identity while simultaneously reinforcing the original recycling concept by designing a "J" in green, with an inverted "J" in black stacked on top of it forming a loop. Thirdly, the logo is in the shape of a road, track or runway with lanes. This is key to their brand because they wanted to communicate the idea of being all-inclusive - Mitsubishi to Maybach, Corolla to Concord and everything in between.

With the new logo complete, the rebranding campaign required a final touch - a simple slogan to convey the heart of the J's Auto Spa brand. "Every detail matters." Short and sweet but a double entendre packed with significance. Every detail matters - J's Auto Spa takes pride in being painstakingly thorough in cleaning every crevice of each vehicle in their care. Every detail matters - whether you have a luxury or economy vehicle, each client receives the same attention and level of service.

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